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Questions about proteins Please Help! - (Jan/26/2006 )


I am doing the last course for my undergrad degree via correspondence and it happens to be a 4th year biochem course. Problem is that I have only taken one other chem course for my degree and that was 1st year chem. So I have not taken any of the prerequisite courses I was just allowed to take it because it was the only course left that i needed. To top it off I am doing it by correspondence. I am halfway through and its too late to turn back and I really would like to just get it over with. So I am hoping some people here will be kind enough to help me get through this.

My first qustion has to do with proteins. The following is one of the questions from my assignment.

From knowledge of the physicochemical properties of silk and collagen, discuss the following features: physical appearance, secondary protein structure, and effects of elevated tempurature.

So I went through all the sections in my book on collagen and silk and wrote all the properties listed. I have attached the list of everything that i found.

I am having a hard time linking everything together. Any suggestions on how i should approach the qustion or anything would be greatly appreciated.


-Definately In Need of Help-



Sounds to me like you have your answers to the question. I'm not sure what you mean by having problems linking them together.

Just write it out and send it in.


It seems like you have the some biochem class as I do. The question is the exact some, but I'm having difficulties getting the answer or understanding the concept. I can't open the file to compare. How did you do... Biochem question