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DMSO - about its effect,waste, etc - (Jan/23/2006 )

greeting everyone

I have read few of ebook about this. but i have a question on it.
i wonder, if using DMSO makes waste. then how about the waste? is it also toxic like DMSO?
can it distrub the balance of life in an ecosystem? can it makes any bad effect to earth, and living thing?

and i love to get any recomended site(s) for this.(releated topic)



DMSO should be send by a separate way to specialized manufacture which will destroy or recycle it in a proper way.


oh.. it is the same as in chemical lab.
by the way, i want to know the processes.
but, does manufacture want to explain it to me? i think they won't

hey, i'm realy want to know more. the simple explaination is okay?


sorry i'm not a chemist... huh.gif


that's okay.

but thanks for the site laugh.gif