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Where to find list of plasmid copy numbers? - I need to know approximate copy number before I choose vector (Jan/23/2006 )

I'm planning an experiment where it is important to know the approximate number of plasmids in the cells. I have googled all day long but only found this: Table of copy numbers
Does anyone know a website/article/book/catalogue where I can find out more about this?

Thanks for helping out!


this is the best I can do, but I hope it helps:

these numbers are very approximate, of course. may I ask why it matters for your experiment?



Thank you.

QUOTE (aimikins @ Jan 23 2006, 12:56 PM)
may I ask why it matters for your experiment?

We want to follow the interaction between two proteins, or rather do a proline scanning and see when they stop interacting. If the number of plasmids varies a lot we figure the amounts of proteins also will do that, making it harder for us to measure the strength of interaction.


you would almost have to clone both into the same vector. even if the plasmid copy # is approximately equal, it's all about promoter strength and contiguous sequences, when determining amount of expressed protein...and then you have to worry about differences in degradation rate of each protein. that would be a tough experiment to design; good luck!


You're right. It's going to be quite tough.

Thank you for your help and comments!


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