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Expression of N-terminal GFP fusionproteins - Proteins with N-terminal signalpeptide (Jan/23/2006 )

I would like to express a fusionprotein in mammalian cells, which has GFP at the N-terminus .
The problem is, that my protein has a signal peptide on the N-terminus, which is cleaved away during processing. I think, that due to that my GFP is also going to be cleaved away.

My question is, in which way should I design my construct so that it is expressed properly?


I would say put it at the C-terminus wink.gif

or you may have a little more work, but you could insert the sequence of GFP after the signal peptide?


I would say C-terminal too.


Thank you very much, but I already have it on the C terminus, but I NEED it on the N-terminus