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decontamination of electrophoresis chambers... - what solution should be used? (Jan/19/2006 )

Dear all:

I'm planing to purify dna from an agarose gel, but I dont know what type of treatment should be performed to decontaminate the electrophoresis aparatus in order to avoid contamination...

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!!


I wouldn't think you need to decontaminate at all unless it is radioactive or someone dropped a pile of poo in it.

Put your gel in the chamber, load and run it. When you are ready to cut the band, take it out of the chamber and onto a UV box, visualize, cut the band of interest and pop it into a epp tube.

I do this all the time and there is no decontamination.

If you are paranoid, wash the chamber with water and put fresh made buffer in it before running the gel.


QUOTE (pBluescript @ Jan 20 2006, 03:58 AM)
... someone dropped a pile of poo in it.

blink.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif poooooo laugh.gif pBluescript ... what's happening in your lab? blink.gif