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Forgot cDNA at Room Temperature ?! - is it still usable ? (Jan/16/2006 )


I realized that I forgot my cDNA at room temperature all the weekend days so, I'm wondering if I can use it in real time PCR ?!

Do you think that I can use it as template ?



DNA is pretty stable, so (if it was me) I would go ahead and use it. I would probably do a normal PCR on it first to double check

-John Buckels-

Thank you John,

But this is cDNA (then, a simple strand) so, is it always stable ?
I read somewhere that cDNA is somewhat sensitive !?!
Maybe I'm mistake ?


I find cDNA to be quite stable; everyone has their own experience, but I store it at 4 C for many weeks without any noticable degradation...I would think that a couple days at room temp wouldn't kill it unless there are nucleases present in your stuff. I would try it, but as John suggested cool.gif