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How to fix coverslip on the base glass? - observing under immersion objective (Jan/03/2006 )


I had performed an immunofluorescent experiment - detecting proteins on my cells with the fluorophore-marked protein. Cells I 've groved on the coverslip, then did all incubation and washes, and finally deposed the coverslip on the glass base, to see it under microscope, immersion objective. I have seen what i want, but when i wanted to see more, and moved a lot a preparation, it happened that coverslip moved on the glass base and destroyed my cells.

My question, is, how to attach well the coverslip, for the immersion objectiv cannot displace it on the glass base.

Thank you


for IF, we grow cells in chamber slides, and when we need to fix the coverslip on securely after staining, we 'glue' it on with nail polish; would this help for you?


you can also mount the coverslip with permanent mountant. I take it you are currently using vectorshield or it's equivalent which is a non-permanent mountant.



Grow the cells on chamber slide is very helpful. And using a pemanent mounting reagent can also help you keep your slides longer. But if you are using the non-permanent mounting reagent, keep your slides in refrigerator and nail polish will surely help you

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