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detection of viral mRNA help - (Dec/29/2005 )

I wanted to know what i could use as a control for cDNA synthesis. Normally people use G3PDH or beta actin. I am looking for viral mRNA in cell free plasma and i cannot use either of the 2 as a control. Could someone suggest an appropriate control?


I am a little confused why you can not use either of these controls for your system. You said you simply want a control for cDNA synthesis, thus if you have some total RNA lying around, you should be able to you either of these to verify that your cDNA synthesis worked.

Another idea for a control would be to use supernatent from infected cells if you have such a system.


the reason i can't use beta actin or G3PDH is because i am looking for viral mRNA in cell free plasma, both these genes are used for cellular mRNA if i am not mistaken, so a positive G3PDH or beta actin would mean that i have cellular mRNA contamination, is there any housekeeping control specific for viral mRNa