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plasmid map software? - (Dec/28/2005 )

OK, we all know that there are loads of great databases out there with established clones...but does anyone know of any freeware for mapping out new constructs? if not, what is your favorite software for mapping your clones?

thanks for the tips!

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Have you tried pDraw32 (PC). I haven't used it myself but when I was searching for a program for drawing came highly recommended. One that I use is GenePalette (Mac) but the drawings are linearised DNA not circular.


Is this that you are looking for:
PlasMapper Version 2.0


This is my favourite. Definitely you will like it. Take care of saving in JPG format!(image format)


thank guys are awesome




I was looking for something similar to this because I only like lasergene for certain things.




I have got 2 more links for drawing plasmids:
1. BioEdit
2. Redasoft


I like ApE alot, besides drawing plasmids, you can do alot of other things ... really alot wink.gif

check it out ApE