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endotoxins - (Feb/17/2001 )

can anyone of you suggest a good method to remove endotoxins from plasmid DNA preparations and a protocol to assay endotoxin levels in plasmid purifications.


Find out if you can acquire a kit of the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate Assay system. I forget the name of the company that makes it but it is the only one worldwide. This kit will help you assay levels of Endotoxin. As far as removal of Endotoxins is concerned, check Pierce Chemical Company for their Detoxigel Columns. They are immobilized PolymyxinB matrices that work quite well in detoxifying samples.

Good luck



biowhittaker offers a kit that will quantitatively measure endotoxin levels. as for how to remove endotoxin,polymyxin b should do the job. sigma chemical offers polymyxin b immobilized on a matrix (agarose )that may be you can use. there is a protocol on line in their website.