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Passive lysis buffer for luciferase assays - (Dec/19/2005 )

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thanks for your reply again
well,today i have transfected my cells using electropration method....I will know the results by tomorrow..also I have done triplicates this time..I will let u know how it worked
with amaxa's electroporation system i did not have to worry about presence of anitbiotics or serum
but this is damn expensive.. I dont know if we can afford getting a lot of this ..
i might have to try lipofectamine method again since that is much cheaper comparitively

About the autofluoroscence . I really dont know because the instrument I use is from another lab....may be it needs some maintenance...but I guess I have to be patient and repeat my experiments to verify this..


Hi Watson,
What sort of luminometer are u using??

also one thing you need to remember is that the cuvettes used for meauring the RLU is a specific one and not just any tube. Also make sure that your lucifearase and the stop aand glow buffer is at room temperature and not cold. I also turn on my luminometer for at least 20 mins so that it warms up. These might be itsy bitsy things but i think it does affect the plate reading.

yes, lipofectamine is definitely much better..lemme know your results with electroporation. I dont have much experinec with it.
good luck and happy holidays!!


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