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primer reconstitution - (Dec/19/2005 )

hi,i need some help on preparing a working solution of my primers......i have a primer concentration of 356ug and i have reconstituted it by adding equivalent volume of water to have a final concentration of 1ug/ul.
how do i prepare a working dilution of 20 pmol/ul?


it depends of the length of your primer
this link will provide you to calculate the concentration of your primer in pmoles per µl

1µg/µl if your primer is 20 is 151.51pmoles/µl
formula is :

[ µg DNA / ml ] x [ ml/1000 ] x [ pmol/330pg ] x [ 10^6pg /1µg ] x [ 1/N ] = pmol/µl DNA


Hi fred,

Thanks alot for your help.i have been able to solve the problem.