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protein solubilization with NDSB - (May/03/2001 )

I was wondering if anyone has tried solubilising an insoluble protein with a NDSB. I am going to try it, but many people around my lab are sceptical about its success. I would like to hear any stories from anyone who has tried them.

Thanks, Marty.


I have had great success with NDSB. I overexpress protein in baculovirus and had great difficulty with solubility. NDSB 256 increased my yield approx 60-80% of resolubilization with sarkosyl alone.


I have recently found (the hard way!) that NDSB from commerical sources must be further purified through a mixed bed ion exchange resin like TMD-8, before use in refolding

Otherwise, it still works great for my nuclear DNA binding protein.