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Extract hemoglobin from blood for starch gel electrophoresis - (Dec/10/2005 )

I would be more than happy if you could help me out with a protocol for obtaining hemoglobin from human blood. I need it for starch gel electrophoresis.

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i don't know if it's rally what you need but seems to be that :


To extract hemoglobin, an auto-lancet and tip are used to pierce the skin of a fingertip and a micropipetter with a sterile tip is used to collect 10 µl of blood. Auto lancets, tips, and the alcohol swabs used when drawing such blood samples are available at any pharmacy. The 10 µl of blood is then mixed with 40 µl of an isotonic solution (0.100 M NaCl) in a 500 µl microcentrifuge tube and centrifuged for 2 minutes at 6500 RPM (approximately) to pellet the red blood cells. The blood serum is the supernatant, which is transferred to another 500 µl microcentrifuge tube and saved. The pellet of red blood cells is resuspended in 40 µl of a hypotonic solution (0.065 M KCl) and vortexed vigorously to lyse all cells. The lysed red blood cell solution is then centrifuged at 13000 RPM (approximately) for 5 minutes to remove any undissolved materials (such as membranes). There are now two samples, a serum sample and a red blood cell sample.

from this webpage