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Best electrophoresis set up? Biorad vs. Hoeffer - (Dec/08/2005 )

I'm going to purchase a new electrophoresis set-up for the first time in many years. It's between the Biorad mini protean III an Hoeffer's comparable set. Any comments from users?


I use the biorad system, it's really easy to handle. if you'll also like to do blotting, I would recommend to use it, because there is a blotting "upgrade" that's very handy.


For running my gels I like Hoeffer... *pets his little mini set up*

For blotting, I use Biorad.


I am using BioRad for both. Gel running is oaky, but membrane transfer is not so even.... perhaps I am blotting 6 membranes at the same time.

I guess the major factor is the quality of the gels rather than the set-up.


We used to use the Hoeffer unit, but have since switched to Invitrogen's XCell SureLock Mini-Cell, and to using their NuPAGE Bis-Tris Gels with it. We also use the XCell II Blot Module for blotting -- this system (which used to be from Novex) works well and is very convenient.

Plus, Invitrogen always has deals going where if you buy like five boxes of gels (shelf life one year at room temp), they give you the Mini-Cell for free, or perhaps a Blot Module.