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enzymatic digestion - (Apr/05/2002 )

hi! I'm trying to digest a RTPCR product with 2 restriction enzyme but I'don't have any good results : on 2% agarose gel, I can see some expected bands but not all of this (2100,647,347,268,247,180 pdb). Furthemore the fluorescence is weak despite of a good coloration in BE and of use of a great amount of RTPCR product. Before the digestion, I purify the product with a Quiakit pcr purification kit. The time of incubation is 2h30 (37°C).

 Do you have a solution for this problem?

     Thank you!



Are you sure of your kit? Is it really a good one, or is it really necessayr, because i have the feeling that kit catches a part of your sample.



Have you tried using BSE in the RE buffer?  I know that it sometimes helps if the enzymes aren't cutting.  The other thing to try is spermidine, but I would try the BSE first.  You may also want to try incubating overnight to make sure that the cDNA is cutting fully.  Good luck!



Seems I have cow diseases on the mind.  I should have written BSA (bovine serum albumin) not BSE.  Sorry about the confusion.