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Same antibody for immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry - SAME ANTIBODY FOR IHC AND ICC (Dec/02/2005 )

Hello All.....

I have to place an order for a primary antibody for immunocytochemical application on dorsal root ganglions cultures. However, quite surprisingly the antibody in question is available only for either western blotting and/or for immunohistochemistry by various companies i have searched hard on net.

Now I would be grateful if anyone can let me know whether I can use the antibody indicated for immunohistochemistry for my immunocytochemical experiments or not......?????

Looking forward for some suggestions/ reply.....!!!


*Generally speaking* antibodies that work in IHC will work in ICC. However, if the IHC antibody is only good for paraffin sections and not for frozens or flow cytometry than it may not work in ICC. Look in the literature and see if anyone has used it on cells.