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TriReagent for protein isolation? - (Nov/29/2005 )

We’ve been isolating RNA with tri reagent and we want to start isolating protein to.
The protocol says that it’s possible.

Dose anyone have experience isolating protein with tri reagent?
Can it be used only for western blotting or for other uses to?


i've used trizol for both proteins and RNA isolation.
Yield is not that good and proteins are not very clean by this method.
So i've changed and now culture more cells, pool them mix and divide in 2 : one for prot and one for RNA.
I must admit that it was not with Tri reagent. so i assume there may be some differences.

if you test, may keep me informed if it's enough clean? that would interest me to do prot and RNA with tri.
thanks and good luck


Yah, you can get the protein out. It is good for protein determination (Lowery) and Western Blot, but that is about it. You not going to get any biologically active protein from this type of prep.


Thank's guys