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deletion pcr - deletion pcr gene (Mar/13/2002 )

i research informations about deletion of gene by pcr. I have the method, but before i desire to know if anybody have problems with this process.


Hi Frank,
I am trying this technique right now, so I have no results no problems. I would like to know about your method so I could compare with mine.


there are some clever overlap pcr's u guys can do to get a gene deleted from a construct...

the complexity depends on hoe clever u r.   idea is to do 2 sets of pcr's and then use the pcr prdt to do the 3rd pcr. and 3 pcr is the opverlap pcr where it will yield deleted insert or etc..

there are system u can buy like pfu/taq mixture that ui can use in TA cloning for the internmediate steps.

gd luck


i found this technic on the web, in

i desire use the same primer, until you propose a best solution.