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is the polylinker in pUC18 plasmid a artificially inserted fragment? - want to know whether the polylinker site is a inserted or naturally present in t (Nov/27/2005 )

hi freainds,

i am a very new person to this field and i just started Introduction to Genetic engineering in my BSc degree cource.

I got a prob in the map of pUC18 plasmid in a text book. It is little confuced me wether the multiple cloning site is a genetically inserted inside to the lacZ gene or its naturally present in the genome.

if anyone care about a little person like me, please tell me,
thanks and wishes,
chami mellow.gif


The multiple cloning site of pUC18/19 was designed and inserted into the LacZa gene in-frame and with amino acid translations which did not destroy the ability of the produced LacZa protein to complement the chromosomal LacZ deletion. Clever, eh?