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RAPD - lost and ask for help (Jun/07/2002 )

I`m now anlysis the diverisity of plant using RAPD, but wherenever I do  what reported in paper that successed by others I lost. what can I do when I don`t know which primer is suitable for my plant DNA. What can one do at the first phase of RAPD research to confirm primers?


Are you sure that your DNA is pure enough and your primer is O.K.? How did you check the purity of your DNA template? It is advisable to see a scan curve of your DNA in order to see if it is contaminated and to detect its amount. If you had a template that had been worked with other primers or were restricted by enzymes it is likely to be pure enough. Primer side: has anyone used your primers with other template? I think the reaction reported by others should work and I think it is very important to know that your materials are good qualities.
Sorry, this is too general comments. But there are a lot of possibilities of the failure.