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Polyclonal immunoaffinity column - (Nov/17/2005 )

I would like to make a polyclonal immunoaffinity column to remove albumin from serum. Does anyone have a method for doing this? I am new to the immunology game and have seen many different methods and don't know which is best. I want to quantitatively recover the albumin, so commercial products will not be best here.

Many Thanks!!

-funky chemist-

I am doing the same thing you are trying but with a different reason.
First thing you should found out a solid support and the right chemistry to fix your antibody. I found out a good support - monolith discs which are really handy. Easy to use and more imporant - have different chemstries to bind the antibody to your support.


Hi. Maybe coupling your polyclonal Ab to a protein A agarose column using dimethylpimelimidate would be a good way to obtain an affinity matrix. It´s not very difficult to do, works pretty well for protA-Fc crosslinking and endures harsh conditions of elution. If you need a protocol let me know.