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How to get rid of Comassie - (Nov/16/2005 )

I made up 0.5l of comassie stain yesterday. I let it stir overnight. So this morning I filtered it for the final product. Problem is, my stir bar is now blue. How do I get the stain off the stir bar? I have tried soap and water and an ethanol rinse. It is a teflon coated stir bar, and I managed to get a lot of it off, but the stain still wants to stick in spots.

Maybe if I put it in destain...


do you have alconox? that stuff is the bomb

I feel like a commercial here rolleyes.gif

but, for really tough lab stains and dishes, I make a solution in a dish tub with a little alconox and a small splash of bleach, add hot water and let the stir bar sit in it overnight

won't hurt the plastic, and should at least put a dent in your stain if it doesnt' get rid of it entirely.

good luck wink.gif



I think perhaps you can try using the destaining solution for Commassie Blue. For example, methanol:glasial acid acetic at a ratio of 2:1. This is one of the destaining solution to get rid of the Commassie from PAGE gel.
Hope it helps.


I put it in commassie destain overnight. It got rid of most of it.