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Alternative to phenol/chloroform - (Nov/16/2005 )

I currently use phenol:chloroform:isoamyl alcohol 25:24:1 to clean up my plant DNA extracts. However I hate using phenol and was wondering if there are any alternatives that do the same job? Would chloroform:IAA work?


I was going through this just recently so I can help you cool.gif

Promega has something called "protein precipitation solution" that they sell with their Wizard kit for DNA prep from WBC.

I have found that it works quite well in my chromosomal DNA prep from bacteria, I just substitute it for the P/C/IAA step and follow the rest of their protocol (remove the spnt, isopropanol ppt, etoh wash)

good luck


You may also check the Qiagen catalogs, they have lots of kits for DNA isolation from tissues. I currently use one, and it's a very fast method but when I concentrate the DNA by EtOH precipitation the pellet looks brownish... for what I need is ok, you may want better quality though.


Thanks very much for suggestions. I will try the protein precipitation solution from wizard kit.

Have tried Qiagen kits and found DNA quality not good enough