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Re: dNTP make up - (Mar/23/2001 )

Hi,you have to put the pieces of tissue in 10% buffered formalin. they can stay there at least 24h. Then you have to wash tissue under water (1h) and if the tissue pieces are not large you procede with deydratation ethanol 50° (1h)-80° (1h)- 95° (2x- 1h+1h)- 100°(2x30'-30'). the tissue also can stay in 80°. Then you embedd with 3x paraffin (30' each).By!Monica


help! I need a protocol for formalin fixiation and embedding of pathology specimens for light microscopy. No one here has ever heard of a tissue processor. I need the basic,basic method with dehydration times,etc. Some inconsiderate student walked off with our 40 year old text that had a nice understandable methods section. thanks