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3.5 kDa peptide expression in periplasm or medium - (Nov/14/2005 )

Hi, we want to express a 3.5 kDa peptide in E.coli periplasmic space or medium and we wonder about the stability of such a small peptide.
Has anyone expressed such kind of peptide? Do you recommend a certain medium, host, periplasmic signal?


I don't know if this will help you?

we have made his-tagged constructs of as low as 7 using pQE30 and following Qiagen's Qiaexpressionist methods for native purification; to dialyze we used Pierce's slidealyzer for low MW stuff.
if needed we concentrate our stuff with microcon concentrator spin columns (can't remember the name of the product, but their site would have it) for low MW proteins

We didn't do anything particular, just used standard protocols

good luck