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What UV filter for digital camera and EtBr - (Nov/11/2005 )

The lab I've been working for some time finally run out of Polaroid films, and we are going to buy a digital camera.
In my old lab we have been using Kodak Digital Science for some years now, but the UV filter for the camera is unmarked.
I already talked to some people here who use digital cameras for photographing EtBr stained gels, and some use filters, some don't, some use colored (orange/red) filters, etc.
I'm a photographer myself, and have some filters that I tested (UV, Red 25A and skylight) and none of them was able to completely block the UV lamps, which appeared behind the gel.
Is there any filter that can show only the gel bands and not a shade of the lamps?


You want a Wratten 22 filter, with or without a Wratten 2A filter.