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start codon of pbabe - (Nov/10/2005 )

Hi all,

I use the plasmid "pBabe" for the first time. Does anyone know where the start codon for protein expression is located? Is it in the the beginning of "truncated Gag" or it is the "ATG" in the incerted cDNA sequence?

Thank you very much.


For the pBabe vectors, the insert is cloned into the polylinker downstream of the 5' LTR with the LTR acting as the promoter. The marker (either puromycin resistance or green fluorescent protein) is 3' to the cloning site and is driven off a SV40 promoter. This is followed by the 3' LTR. The origin of replication and amp marker are outside of the LTR's. As this vector doesn't contain any viral proteins, it is not replication competent.