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Control siRNA - (Nov/03/2005 )

I've been using Qiagen siRNA and their control kit for my research. I wanted to look at the effect the knockdown of my target gene had on the growth of the cells (MDAMB231) so i did growth curves. But the non-silencing control inhibited the growth of the cells as well as the siRNA for my target gene.
I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, or could you suggest another negative control which doesn't have this affect?


r u using a scrambled sequence of ur gene of interest or is it a GAPDH or Lamin sequence as a control???


How is you mock (transfection reagent only) doing?


The Non-silencing control i used has 'no homology with mammalian genes' according to the info that came with it.
For my growth curves i had cells with just transfection reagent added and cells with nothing added, ie just medium. These both grew much better than those transfected with either the target gene siRNA or the non-silencing control.