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...the best antibodies? - (Nov/02/2005 )

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Hello from Santa Cruz Biotechnology,

Thank you to everyone for your input on antibody companies. Especially those who post with reasonable arguments that each target protein is different and you may get a great antibody from one company and a mediocre antibody from another company. However, if this is the case, the only conclusion that you can draw is that one antibody is great and the other is mediocre.

In response to tlblase's comment that we are 'santaliars', I would like to offer you the resource of our technical service department. We DO NOT lie to our customers and we are forthright and honest about which antibodies have been tested for which applications, and whether or not they have worked for us.

If you have a problem with us, we would very much appreciate if you would bring this to our attention directly so that we may work with you to resolve whatever issue has arisen.

If you continually have poor experiences with us, let us refund your purchases so that you do not need to spend valuable laboratory dollars on products that are not useful for your research.

Our technical service line is 1-800-457-3801 ext. 2. We also welcome feedback via email at


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