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Original Bacteriophage Lambda - genome map - searching for graphics or programs to do it myself (Nov/02/2005 )

Hi guys and gals,

Unfortunately we did this baby-like practical of cloning a lambda fragment and identifying it with a southern blot.

Now I'm currently busy with the write up. Unfortunately I cannot find a source for nice annotated diagram of the original lambda genome (no modified cloning vector).

The other possibility would be a suitable program for drawing it myself. I've already tried pDRAW32, but although the program offers many nice options, it's not exactly what I've been searching for.

I'd appreciate every little help.


/edit: I've just realised, that I've posted in the wrong subforum - could a mod please transfer it to the right category?


Hm... not sure if that's what you're looking for, but may be also check out ApE also quite nice program. i use it a lot


Not too bad - judgeing from the screenshots only.



Is this what you're looking for? See also the "Protein view" and "Coding regions" links (on the left toolbar, under "Views"), and links throughout all three pages...


nice - another puzzle piece