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transfection - (Jul/20/2001 )

Hi Friends

I want to trnsfect the Jurkat cells (Lymphoblastoid cell line) and EL-4 . and I have tried the calcium phosphate method for the same but there is very less efficiency. please let me know any other method other than electroporation for transfecting these cells.


have you tried liposomes?


rolleyes.gif [COLOR=purple] I am starting to do some transfection. I am using lipofectamine, which I think is a kind of cationic polymers. I am using Lipofectamine. It is said to have high effeciency.
Also, I have some questions to ask too. I understand why I could not use antibiotics, such as G418, in the medium for transfection. But how about penicillin/ streptomycin? Can I use P/S as later maintaince the cell line?