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Any well-related problems with ABI 7900? - (Oct/28/2005 )

I am having problems with amplifications in wells on particular columns during my runs. This happens particularly when I run the machine during the whole day and night. And I am having the same kind of problem on two different machines... Is anyone encountering this kind of trouble with ABI 7900 Real Time PCR devices?

Thanks for your help!!


on the 7700, you can do a "snapshot" to look at background fluorescence that may accumulate in particular wells; they can be cleaned with 70% EtOH and dH2O to rinse (with a q-tip)

if the problem is concerning a small cluster of wells, we had that once on the 7700 and there was a little spot on the bulb someone had touched with a bare finger, leaving a little oil on the bulb, which cooked slowly over a couple months and that cluster of wells got wierder data all the time until we figured out the problem

good luck