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shRNA + Blasticidin = apoptose ? - (Oct/27/2005 )

I'm using a vector containing my shRNA and the blasticidin resistance gene.
If I don't treat ''cells containing shRNA'' with the drug, cells are ok. If I treat ''cells containing the vector without shRNA'', cells continue to grow. But if I treat ''cells with shRNA'', this cells die in 5 days.
I resume :

vector + shRNA + blasticidin = ok
vector + shRNA + blasticidin = ok
vector + shRNA + blasticidin = apoptose

I tried twice, with two different shRNA (but against the same mRNA).

Does anyone know something about this ?



did you test an other shRNA sequence?
maybe it's the combination of lack-of-your-protein/blasticidin that drives apoptosis...