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How to quantify fluorescent-tagged protein - (Oct/24/2005 )

Hi all,

one of my colleagues is looking for a method to quantify a protein which has been tagged with a fluorescent tag. The fluorescent tag is covalently linked to protein glucidic chains.
We wonder what should be a suitable method to quantify the fluorescent-tagged protein taking into account that we cannot measure it by spectrophotometry since the fluorescent tag does absorb UV light in a broad range.

We are wondering too if it exist any method to specificly quantify fluorescent-tagged protein from total protein.

Thanks a lot in advance


check the protocol of Molecular probes. They have a labeling kit with which u can label DNA and I think protein (not too sure though)....They describe the way to quantify flourescently tagged molecules.


You maybe able to use a fluorimeter depending upon the fluorochrome that you used.