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Restriction map of pUC18 - (Oct/23/2005 )

I just was curious about the size of the fragments resulting from the digestion of the vector pUC18 with HindIII first and then EcoRI. I did go through the Fermentas website, and found the restriction map of pUC18 (I have attached it for clarity) but couldn't decipher it. Please someone could explain me looking at the figure how exactly we can figure out the size of the fragments?

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If I got it right, your plamid will be cut into a 60 bp fragment and the rest (X bp plasmid- 60 bp = rest).
A nice restrictionmapper for sequences (well at least easy to use) is I´m sure Fermentas provides the sequence of the whole plasmid.


The difference between pUC18 and pUC19 is that the MCS is reversed. On pUC18, Hind III cuts at bp 399, and Eco RI cuts at bp 451, liberating a 51 bp fragment and a 2,686 - 51 = 2,635 bp fragment.