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RNA extraction kit - What do you think about this one? (Oct/21/2005 )


I had recently tried the Versagene Cell/tissue Rna extraction kit, from Gentra corp, Which is a purification columns based sistem.

It is seemed good to me with Good Rna yeld in terms of quantity and quality (average Ratio is usually 1,8).

Have someone tried the same and confirm my opinion or do y know a best solution?
After this I was looking to try for Dnase kit treatment of the same kit...
Do y prefere to perform Dnase treatment directly on columns or on the final Rna Extracted soultion?

thank you in advance!


well seems you've found the great kit.
For DNase treatment, i don't tink it's possible to do it on column, because assumong it's in an aqueous solution, you'll pellet the RNA when getting out the DNAse by centrifugation.
Doing it in the final RNA sample is safer.


as it is a silica kit as per the boom patent it is fundamentally the same as QIAgen, AMbion, MN etc

-John Buckels-