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Role of MgCl2 in virus infection - (Oct/17/2005 )

would any body tell me what is the role of MgCl2 in virus infection?
As i have always to add MgCl2 in infection media for HRVs infection.
thanx in anitcipation

-Abdul Ghafoor-

What virus are you studying? I must say that I have never heard of this before.


biggrin.gif ,Hi,I am a Chinese student,and I am a newer in MSP,but very intresting in it.Could someone
help me to answer some question?My first question is"how much kb does p15 gene have? I check it in NCBI ,which tells more than 8000,but my teacher said 2629 kb,which is right?".Now,I am doing a research about the methylation status of p15 gene in leukemia.I want to use the nested-primer MSP.The question is that I don't know how to design a lateral preimer,could some guys help me with.