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What is Biorad instrument ? - (May/01/2001 )

Please ask the BioRad sales rep, don't waste our time !


Hi everyone,

I have just started working in a Biochemistry lab. We were shown a protein purification demo last week. During this protein purification we were shown this instrument called Biorad which is used to purify protein. A chromatogram was also obtained. We also used Biocad to purify the protein further. I am still not sure if I understand how exactly these instruments work.

Can some one give me to useful links to description or tutorials on Biorad or Biocad ? or if any of you can give me a brief description, I would appreciate it very much.



In fact Biorad is not instrument. It is a company which suppliesinstruments for protein purification. I am not sure which instrument you used. You can see the details in hope it helps