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8-MOP solution - (Oct/16/2005 )

Dear friends,
Has anyone know about 8-MOP solution? What is the purpose of adding this into PCR reaction?



here are few informations. 8-MOP is for 8-methoxypsoralen, also used for vitiligo treatment.

in bioforum, at this web page, i've found this :

QUOTE (mpinese @ Apr 18 2005, 04:21 PM)
For particularly difficult contamination problems I've read that 8-MOP is a useful agent to destroy DNA's ability a act as a template for PCR. Practically the procedure involves making the master mix with 25ug/mL 8-methoxypsoralen, then exposing the entire mix to UVA for a few minutes (just through the side of the tube at a distance of a few cms) before aliquoting to individual tubes and adding template. Interference with polymerases is apparently minimal.

If all else fails this may be an option; a reference in which it has been reported to have helped with a particularly sensitive protocol is Biologicals (2004) 32:183-193.

Hope that's useful for the really sensitive protocols,


this article says that at concentrations greater than or equal to 50 µg/ml, 8-MOP was found to inhibit the PCR. A concentration of 25 µg/ml was not inhibitory. Moreover, 8-MOP should be dissolved in DMSO and that a concentration

hope that helps you .


Thanks fred smile.gif