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RNA long-term storage - (May/16/2001 )

We are currently looking for a method to preserve RNA from human leukocytes isolated from blood. We intend to bank cell samples (with an appropriate media) from a human population for the purpose of RNA extraction and later analysis. We run a Biorepository which currently stores plasma, DNA, cells in DMSO, and wish to include RNA to the list. Speed of processing is an issue so complete processing of the RNA is not desirable (we seek as simple a process as possible).


I read your message and thought you might be interested in the work we are doing at PreAnalytiX. PreAnalytix is a joint venture company of Becton Dickinson and Qiagen to develop sample collection products that preserve, isolate and standardize blood samples for testing gDNA and mRNA.

I am particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on sample collection and preservation as it relates to your work and possibly develop a future collaboration between your lab and PreAnalytix.I can be reached as follows,

Richard FaillaceBecton Dickinson1 Becton Drive>Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417>201-874-4376>email:


store it in TRIzol in -80.