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Fluorophore exc505-emiss515nm-possible to use? - with 488 argon laser? (FACS, microscope?) (Oct/13/2005 )


I want to use a fluorophore which excitation wavelenght is 505 nm, and emission 515 nm. People in cytometry lab refuse to do the experiment (FACS) for me, because of a little distance between excitation and emission wevelenght. But if this fluorophore is commercial, it must work, anyway.

I am restricted a bit to this type of fluorophore, because all low molecular mass dyes have the same problem.

My question is: have somebody already used this type of fluorescent molecules, and how to convince the ladies from cytometry lab to do the experiment (thay are payed for it, but this is not too much convincing for them).


i think your fluorophore could be excited by an 488 nm line but not at the optimum
so, even if the emission light is not very bright, there is not reason to not detect it with for example a 530/30 BP filter!
but be carefull in multicolor analysis, compensations could become more difficult...