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how many times do you re-use these two buffers? - (Oct/12/2005 )

We (at least, for me) tend to spend as less energy as possible on experiment preparation stuff, but still make nice results.
Here is just one survey on some buffers recycling in protein analysis, thanks a lot for your interest and participation smile.gif


we never re-use buffers

buffers are cheap. make a big batch of highly concentrated stuff every now and then, it will last you a long time...

your time, and all the money spent getting your samples in the first place, are worth way more than what you will save re-using your buffers. saves trouble-shooting later if there's a problem.

but that is just my POV, everyone sees this differently blink.gif


I don't reuse buffers either.....they are too easy and cheap to make to have reusing them arise as a problem in an experiment.


Better just use them once, I think.


Is it possible to make 20x running buffer?

-Minnie Mouse-

I suppopse it is possible to make a 20x running buffer if you can make a 10x one. I can see that diluting it could be difficult though, unless you make up 2L at a time and save your extra.