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GST beads purification - Need help ASAP (Oct/11/2005 )

When can one stop and store bacterial pellets in the -80.

I am currently growing my bacteria till it reaches an OD of 0.6. I then add IPTG for 3 h before centrifuging and sonicating and all that stuff.

My question is Can I stick the bacterial pellet in the -80 after the IPTG induction and leave it till the following day??

Need an answer ASAP.


pria, when we purify his-tagged proteins we almost always spin the cultures after the induction step and store them in the freezer overnight prior to sonicating and carrying through the purification. We store them at -20; there is no obvious degradation and we get good yields. I have even (once) stored the pellets over the weekend at -20 and there were no problems. This is a recommended part of the protocol we is tough to squeeze it all into one day.

I hope this will work for your system too.


Thanks a million....aimikins

I just wanted to give my undergrad a break....


undergrad lab slaves are so cute, so innocent and carefree tongue.gif

I hope that worked well for you



What we do, and worked always perfectly, is after induction time and pellet spin down, freeze it in liquid nitrogen and transfer it to the -80...

So, no problems here... Pellets can be used after months...