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Which technique is Better: Southern Blotting or PCR?? - (Oct/11/2005 )

Which is a superior technique, Southern Blotting or PCR ?

What do you guys think ?


For what? PCR is more sensitive and quantitative whereas southern is more qualitative.


There are some things you must do with Southern Blots (determining number of copies of a gene in a chromosome, etc.).

For everything else, for heaven's sake, PCR!



Each technique has its prons and cons, its applications and limitations. You cant compare them in an absolute manner , as mentionned above you should specify for which purpose do you want to compare !!


what's the better and why

i.e. for screening ES clones?


I would say that PCR is so much easier and faster tongue.gif , and its application is so much wider, compared to southern blot. You can always trust the PCR, unless Southern blot is really needed for that particular study, such as to determine to location of certain gene.



more precisely, only real-time PCR is more sensitive (and quantitative!) than Southern blot