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vector basics for transgenic mice - (Oct/08/2005 )

Hi All,
I am new to transgenic mice project, and hence am new to this discussion forum too.
I have to develop transgenic mice and am ready with my vector construction to an extent where i have kept the CMV promoter-Gene-terminator in order.
From literature i understood that this cassette is ready to go for production of transgenic mice through pronuclear microinjection. But being new to this field I wanted the opinion from experts whether i can hand over the purified cassette for transgenic facility.
I am in need of your valuable suggestions at this hesitating point of my work.
I request you all to please suggest me with the basics which i need to understand.
PLEASE....Please educate me at this crucial point.


Hi which vector have you used . Well I have heard of people doing similar things for siRNA against a gene instead of a gene itself. Depending on what vector you have used it might be ready for microinjection. Are you using one of the genescipt vectors. Do you think it might be necessary to put in a vector in which the promoter is cell-cycle independent.

Hope that helps


Hi Watson,
I am using a modified CMV promoter for constitutive expression.
I was wondering that if just injecting the construct will do the magic then why the production of transgenic mice has not been that common in every laboratory.
I even asked the core facility but couldnt get the satisfactory reply.
I wanted to hear in Yes or No, if the construct alone is enough to produce transgenic mice? and whether a selectable marker is needed to produce transgenic mice in my case where i am particularly looking to overexpress the gene of my interest.
I would appreciate your thoughtful insights in my case.
Please suggest.