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destabilized EGFP Vector urgently needed - (Oct/06/2005 )

I´m desperatly searching for someone who could send me ANY vector containing the sequence of destabilized EGFP.(Prefarably pd2EGFP). Unfortunately clontech has discontinued all such products.
If you have one, please contact me via email.


I assume clontech didn't renew its licensing to sell the GFP based vectors so that they could make more profit out of their own fluorescent proteins they have isolated. I wonder if a blackmarket will set up for "old" GFP vectors. I have not had much experience with the new fluoresecent proteins, but I would imagine they are just as good if not better.


I think none of the new fluoreszent proteins can replace the destabilized EGFP because they all have either longer fluoreszence formation time or longer half lifes and I therefore could´t use them for my purpose.
So still, does anybody have a destabilized EGFP vector?



What exactly are you using this for?

You need to provide more information. There are a lot of GFP tags out there that are better than what Clontech provides. I use improved GFP all the time in Bacillus subtilis and have no problems.



I´m searching for a human codon optimized variant of EGFP that has the PEST sequence of MODC fused to its C-terminus.