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Use a vacuum to increase the concentration of DNA? - (Oct/05/2005 )

I got some DNA with the concentration at 250ng/ul. I want to increase the concentration to 500ng/ul. Can I just use vacuum and/or heat to evaporate some water and increase its concentration? Thanks.


I would use a vacuum rather than heat, but sure -- this will work. It's what SpeedVac's are all about...


heating may decrease the quality of your NA and you'll probably loose your DNA with evaporation.
Speed vac is more safe.


Bear in mind that if your DNA is dissolved in any buffer, you will also increase the concentration of your buffer components, as mostly only water will evaporate. Might be importanat for downstream applications...


You might consider just during an ethanol precipitation instead.


You might want to take into consideration the length of your DNA . Greater the length it can be more susceptible to degradation due to such procedures.