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Is actin an internal control for nuclear fraction? - (Oct/05/2005 )

My study is focus on the protein expression of E2F1.
I identify this protein from nuclear fraction with C23 as an internal control.
The datasheet of the antibody also shows demonstration with protein in nuclearl fraction.
But many papers examined E2F1 in total cell lysate and using actin as the internal control.
I am really confused.
Hope there will be an answer for the question!


i use actin for control of total cell extract and p53 for nuclear extracts


I am also confused as to the actin control for the nuclear fraction....also very surprised since some of it apppears in high quality journals...therefore does it mean its ok to use actin??


Hi. Just a couple days ago, my labmates and I had a discussion about this topic. We decided to use TFIIB as internal control for nuclear fraction and keep actin for whole-cell extracts. Good luck.