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Finding antibodies - (Apr/10/2009 )

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this field of research and I'm finding antibodies with properties as below:

Antibody against: CD4 / CD20 / CD15

Target species specificity: Mouse

Host/Raise in: Preferable rabbit, mouse has to be avoided

Application: Immunohistochemistry - parrafin embbeded block (formalin / formaldehyde treated)

Thanks for any help on this. I got no idea on how to find it. ;)


you can try this site:

antibody search engine


mdfenko on Apr 11 2009, 04:19 AM said:

you can try this site:

antibody search engine

Really thanks a lot.




Linscott Directory is the best source to find any Antibodies and companies providing them. check out the link

-shyam kumar-

You can also try

Once you have performed your search, click on the refinement "antibody"


Here's one with ratings and reviews on antibodies





Have a look at our range, this is for CD4-we also have the other markers you were asking for


If you are not sure whether they will work, join our partner scheme for antibody testing and you will get a sample free of charge


All the best